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12 EYLÜL 2019 PERŞEMBE 19:30
12 EYLÜL 2019 PERŞEMBE 23:00

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12 Eylül 2019
Miron Zownir kısa film ve belgesel gösterimi
OmA canlı müzik

OMA: OmA İstanbul, Büyükada'da oluşmaya başlayan bir müzik projesidir. Bas gitarist ve prodüktör Burak Güngörmüş'ün besteci ve şarkıcı Demet Çizenel ile tanışmasıyla başlayan bu duo, ilk konserlerini Naya Istanbul'da verdi. Soul, funk, blues, trip-hop ve elektronik müzikten esinlenmektedirler.

OmA started out as a musical project in a home studio on the Princes Island in İstanbul where Burak Güngörmüş who is a bass player and producer, met singer and songwriter Demet Çizenel. The duo started recording their tracks in 2015 and had their first live show on the island at Naya İstanbul. Their influences are soul, funk, blues, trip-hop and electronic music.

During his residence in America Zownir had not only worked as a photographer but also ventured into filmmaking. He wrote and directed several underground short films, working mainly with producer Chosei Funahara, a founding member of legendary NYC band Plasmatics. Another of Zownir's collaborators on these films, as director of photography, was Alexander Rockwell, who would go on to direct the films “In The Soup” and ”Four Rooms”. Zownir also developed a series of film exposés for the Japanese author and director Ryu Murakami (“Tokyo Decadence”).

The first two short films Zownir shot in Germany were SKINHEAD LANE (1993), an anti-racism spot, and NOW OR NEVER (1996). He directed the documentary BRUNO S. - ESTRANGEMENT IS DEATH (2003), a feature-length portrayal of Bruno S., the street musician, painter who found fame as the protagonist of Werner Herzog's „The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser“ and „Stroczek“. The film debuted at the International Film Festival Berlin in 2003 and was shown at numerous other film festivals around the world.
In 2006, Zownir directed VALUEV VS VIOLENCE, a spot against violence, in which Nikolai Valuev, the Russian boxer and heavyweight champion gives his opinion on the topic of aggression. The soundtrack was contributed by Alexander Hacke, known as member of the legendary German industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten.

Zownir’s full length film PHANTOMANIE features forgotten performers like Bruno S., shortly before he died, renowned German actors like Natalia Avelon, Hans Michael Rehberg or Geno Lechner as well as Berlin underground musicians like Gina D'Dorio (Cobra Killer) and Rummelsnuff. The soundtrack for PHANTOMANIE was performed and produced by Alec Empire. He then directed the music video FREIER FALL for Rummelsnuff (2010), and a short film called FUCK UP (2012)

Zownir completed his second full feature film BACK TO NOTHING in 2015, starring among others Timo Jacobs, Rummelsnuff, Milton Welsh, Birol Ünel, Meret Becker. The soundtrack was contributed by King Khan.

Germany 1993, 35mm, 2 min. German/ English subtitles
Written & Directed by: Miron Zownir
Zownir’s first short shot in Germany, an anti-racism-spot, unveils helplessness, ignorance and prejudice in a biting way…

Germany 1996, 35mm, 14 min. German/ English subtitles
Written & Directed by: Miron Zownir
During an armed robbery of a cinema delirious Elvis, one of the three gangsters, is left behind with a painful gut shot. Between his short tempered accomplices Siggi and Pudding a selfish and false-faced struggle for power and money continues….

USA 1992, 16 mm, 24 min. English
Buch & Regie: Miron Zownir
Short feature film about a group of young punks in Pittsburgh, USA.
Lethargic boredom pushes on bizarre sexual fantasies and triggers a nightmarish death on the road business…

Germany, 2012, 19 min / HD, German w. eng. subtitles
Written & Directed by Miron Zownir
A once-celebrated actor (Birol Ünel) is well past his glory days. Addicted to alcohol and as intoxicated as Bacchus, he disappoints his last remaining fans with a badly-performed reading in a Berlin nightclub…

Only his agent (Milton Welsh) is in denial about his megastar’s washout. An altercation breaks out with the bar manager (Timo Jacobs) and his bouncer, Eddie (Rummelsnuff).

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